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CO2 and temperature controller with hidden display for wall mounting.

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Product information

Description A-SENSE-VAV

A-SENSE-VAV is intended to control ventilation in rooms where people are present. The sensor is a basic component which is suitable for many different ventilation strategies.

The display is hidden behind the front cover, which can be advantageous in public environments, e.g. schools.

Set points for temperature (air cooling and additional heat) and carbon dioxide (CO2) can be adapted individually via the unit’s maintenance push buttons. When a set point is changed, all control curves for this parameter are shifted in parallel!

The standard configuration for A-SENSE-VAV, with associated settings, is typical for many VAV applications. Other control parameters and strategies can also be programmed from a PC with suitable software. For this purpose, eight freely programmable linear functions (P-band) and two timer functions controlled from the DI1 terminal are available.

Up to four of the twelve available functions can be addressed to each of the four outputs in such a way that the total, or alternatively the highest value, is transformed into an output signal.

In addition, for OUT1 and OUT2, the outputs can be limited within defined MIN and MAX values respectively. These MIN and MAX values can be set/updated from the push button menu during operation. The values of the outputs are updated every four seconds. This interval and other functions and settings can be changed using the UIP4 software.

OUT1 = control signal according to demand for cooling and CO2 (with flow reduction in extremely cold temperatures)

OUT2 = control signal according to demand for CO2 only

OUT3 = ON/OFF according to demand for CO2 only

OUT4 = control signal according to heating demand


  • Controller for dampers or speed controlled fans
  • Reduced energy costs with demand-controlled ventilation
  • Auto self-diagnostics
  • Typical maintenance interval > 5 years
  • 2 analogue outputs
  • 1 relay output and 1 open collector
  • Hidden display
  • Modbus via RS485 optional
  • LonWorks optional

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