Quality & Environment

Quality and environmental considerations permeate everything we do. The right quality at the right time is a shared responsibility for all employees and applies for all functions and processes from request to delivery. We do not sit and wait; instead, we work proactively by means of many small continuous improvements. Every delivery from us should be a recommendation for future business. We are continuously working to drive our quality and environmental work forwards.


Calectro AB designs and sells products that meet the market’s expectations with high technical quality, something for which we are also known.

We do this by being responsive to customer requirements, having competent employees and well-established supplier relationships.

As one part of our customer focus, increasingly stricter requirements are set for follow-up, availability and fast service. When communicating with customers, we are continuously finding ways to improve ourselves and our subcontractors. Our customers have high requirements and we are satisfying these by setting quality targets and by an improvement process that meets statutory and other requirements and exceeds our customers’ expectations.


Naturally, the environment takes centre stage in every part of our business.

For us to remain competitive, we need to ensure that we are continuously creating efficient processes while striving to deliver products with the highest possible environmental performance.

In our environment, there is a direct link between efficiency and lower environmental impact.

We constantly monitor our environmental work by setting comprehensive and detailed environmental targets based on our customers’ requirements, environmental aspects, statutes and applicable requirements.

We are certified according to:

Quality ISO 9001 and Environment ISO 14001



Calectro ISO Certificate (SV)

Calectro ISO Certificate (EN)

Calectro Business Policy (EN)