Then and now

We’ve come a long way since Karl Johan Pettersen established Calectro back in 1969. Little did he know that his small Swedish company would develop into a global building automation organization, exporting cutting-edge products to some of the world’s biggest HVAC companies.

The story of Calectro began in 1969, when a young Swedish engineer by the name of Karl Johan Pettersen returned from a position in Denmark and began importing components for the building automation industry.

His company grew steadily throughout the 70s and 80s, a time of numerous changes to fire safety legislation in Sweden and the rest of Europe. And by the end of the 1980s, Calectro was successfully supplying industrial and building automation clients in Sweden with various detectors, sensors and related equipment.

And then, in 1994, along came the Uniguard.


Calectro Uniguard innovation

With its innovative aerodynamic venturi tube, the newly patented single-tube Uniguard was an overnight success. When companies like Siemens, Honeywell and most of the major fire alarm companies heard about it, they all wanted their own-brand version of our groundbreaking ventilation duct smoke detector.

But the start of the new millennium was when the really interesting work began. Because that’s when we began developing all kinds of complex HVAC solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Today, our clients are some of the world’s leading building automation solutions experts. Clients with extremely high demands when it comes to quality, reliability, delivery and speed to market.


Inspired by progress

Calectro’s journey, from importer and general agent to fully-fledged component manufacturer, is both fascinating and inspiring. With a wealth of expertise and industry repute, Calectro is still leading the way in fire safety and building automation.

After 50 years in the industry, Calectro has evolved into a global supplier of groundbreaking building automation equipment. From our high precision duct smoke detectors, pressure sensors and CO2 alarms to our humidity sensors, thermostats and air quality regulation sensors.


Better buildings together

One thing that has remained constant throughout our fifty-year history is a dedication to our clients’ needs.

Finding innovative ways to make things safer and easier for our clients in the automated control systems and building automation industry is what drove us here. And it’s what continues to drive us in everything we do.

Our history

  • Client-first approach

    Whatever your goals, we want to help you achieve them. Whether you simply need high quality, off-the-shelf units or you’re looking to develop a new product. Calectro will always deliver on its promise.

  • Wide range of products

    Getting everything from the same supplier makes life easier. Which is why our goal has always been to offer as many different products in our range as possible. That way, you can find exactly what you need when you need it.

  • Developing something new?

    Perhaps the market hasn’t developed exactly what you’re looking for yet. At Calectro, we thrive on new development projects and would love to hear your ideas. It might help to know that we’ve designed and produced a wide range of complex HVAC solutions for some of the biggest original equipment manufacturers in the building automation industry.

  • We hear you

    We’ve been listening to your feedback for 50 years and that input has given us valuable insights and guidance along the way. It has enabled us to continue producing the highest quality products, sustainably and cost-effectively. But it has also enabled us to explore cutting-edge ideas and solutions, and discover new ways of further developing our popular products.



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