What should I do with old, worn out, products?

According to WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive, you must at the end of life of the product dispose of it separately at an appropriate collection point and not place it with unsorted waste. Alternatively return it to Calectro for recycling. Calectro handles discarded products in an environmentally correct way. As far as possible, the products are sorted and recycled. Remaining materials go to destruction.


How can you test that the control unit for the smoke detector is working?

The easiest way to test that the control unit is working is to remove the smoke detector loop from the control unit and instead to connect the termination resistor to the same terminals. The termination resistor is usually connected to the final smoke detector in the loop. If there is only one smoke detector in the loop, the termination resistor will be there. You do not, of course, have to locate the system’s termination resistor – you can use one of your own for this test.
PLEASE NOTE! Make sure that the test produces the correct resistance value. See the list below:


Control unit Resistor
ABAV-230V 2,2 kOhm
ABAV-S (24 and 230Vac) 2,2 kOhm
ABAV-S3 (24 and 230Vac) 2,2 kOhm
ABV-3 (24Vac) 2,2 kOhm
ABDS-400 560 Ohm
ABDS-500 2,2 kOhm
KE-600 2,2 kOhm