Leakage alarm


Leakage alarm which activates an alarm for leakages of electrically conductive fluids such as water

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Product information

Description CLA-24/230V

Monitoring of electrically conductive fluid leakage, such as water. Application example: computer centres, archives, lofts, floor/ceiling structures.

CLA measures the resistance in a sensor tape (CLA-ST) which consists of 2 conductors weaved into a textile strip with an end resistance of 680 kOhm at the farthest end. The resistance changes when water comes into contact with the textile strip and the CLA activates an alarm.

The CLA relays activate alarms and the green LED flashes at 1Hz when there is an interruption or short circuit in the sensor tape.

The sensor tape can be up to 100 metres long.

Two functions can be selected via the digital input DI:

Digital input (DI) open:
Automatic Reset and optional manual Reset of alarm relays: The alarm automatically resets when the sensor tape has dried. Press Reset to reset the relays before the sensor tape dries. The red LED flashes at 1 Hz until the sensor tape has dried. The LED then switches off. CLA is then reset to normal state.

Digital input (DI) short-circuited:
Manual Reset with 24 hour alarm repetition: Alarms activated on the CLA must be reset manually either via pressing Reset or by interrupting the supply voltage. Pressing Reset resets the relays and the red LED flashes at 1 Hz if the sensor tape still is wet. If the sensor tape is still wet 24 hours after Reset is pressed, then the alarm relays are re-activated and the red LED flashes at 4Hz. If the sensor tape has dried within 24 hours after Reset is pressed, the Red LED switches off and CLA is reset to the normal state.


CLA is fitted to a DIN rail and adapted to ingress protection standards. The sensor tape is installed at the lowest point at the monitoring site.


  • Multi-voltage: Supply voltage 24V AC/DC or 230V AC
  • Selectable reset: auto/manual
  • Alarm repeated after 24 h when manually reset
  • 2 alarm relays (energized in no-alarm condition)

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