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CO2-, temperature- and RH-regulator, for wall installation.

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Product information

Description T-SENSE-VAV

T-SENSE-VAV is an advanced and versatile 3-in-1 control unit with a colour touch screen. T-SENSE-VAV measures the CO2 concentration, temperature and relative humidity in the ambient air. Features include an alternating relay output and three separate 0-10V outputs, one of which is pre-programmed as a combined output for CO2, temperature and humidity. This combined 0-10V output has three separate p-bands (adjustable via touch screen) for CO2 (600-900ppm), temperature (22-23°C) and humidity (75-85% RH). You can also configure the relay output in a similar way. The touch screen allows the function to be configured, PIN code protected. T-SENSE-VAV can also communicate via Modbus or Bacnet.
For T-SENSE-VAV, which has no display, configurations and settings are made using a PC.
T-SENSE-VAV combines all the necessary data to allow the efficient regulation of the indoor environment such as in offices, hotels, schools, etc. The use of CO2 measurement for demand-controlled ventilation provides a healthy, comfortable and cost-effective environment in your property. T-SENSE-VAV is normally maintenance-free once the Auto Background Calibration (ABC) function is enabled.

Auto Background Calibration (ABC) is the key to maintenance-free operation. The prerequisite is a normal indoor environment, or applications where some type of ventilation occurs (at least at some point during a weekly period.)


The T-SENSE-VAV is fitted in a normal indoor environment to a wall where it is not exposed to any direct sunlight or drafts. When mounting over an electrical box or conduit it should be sealed to avoid draft that could affect its accuracy.

T-SENSE-VAV is delivered without display.


  • 3 sensors in one enclosure
  • Infrared CO2 measurement technology (NDIR)
  • Internally separated measuring chamber for moisture and temperature
  • 5-year warranty
  • Normally maintenance-free
  • Ensures reduced energy costs for demand-controlled ventilation
  • Communication through Modbus RS485 or Bacnet

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