I/O Modules with Modbus


TCP/IP gateway for I/O modules IOMB-02, IOMB-03 and IOMB-04.

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IOMB-TCP/IP is a gateway for IOMB-02, IOMB-03 and IOMB-04 that permits communication with the I/O modules via TCP/IP.

The TCP/IP gateway communicates internally with the I/O module via modbus RTU and externally via TCP/IP. In order for the factory-set Modbus communication to work, all DIP switches on the I/O module must be set to OFF. You can change the Modbus communication settings in the web interface for the TCP/IP gateway, in which case you must also adjust the DIP switch settings in the I/O module.

The TCP/IP gateway has the capacity to communicate with one external device (e.g. OPC server) at a time.

IOMB-TCP/IP is maintenance-free.


The IOMB-TCP/IP is mounted using the 4 screws and washers provided, onto the I/O modules IOMB-02, IOMB-03 or IOMB-04.


  • Gateway for I/O modules
  • Communicates via TCP/IP
  • For retrofitting on IOMB-02, IOMB-03 and IOMB-04

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