I/O Modules with Modbus


I/O Module with Modbus communication
4 analogue and 4 digitala inputs and 2 analogue and 2 digitala outputs / PWM

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Product information

Description IOMB-02

IOMB-02 is used to collect and distribute analogue and digital signals to and from regulators (DUC) using Modbus RTU communication.

IOMB-02 is an IP54 enclosed I/O module that transmits measurement and control signals via Modbus to and from DUC regulators. The IOMB-02 has 4 analogue and 4 digital inputs and 2 analogue and digital outputs.

The analogue outputs can be configured via Modbus for either 0-10V or PWM output for controlling, for example, a thermal actuator. NB 0-10V or PWM for respective analogue output.

The analogue inputs can be configured (via jumpers) to receive either 0-10V or temperature sensor (Pt1000/Ni1000LG). Choice of Pt1000 or Ni1000LG is set on the Modbus register 4×0026-29.

The digital in and outputs both have an amber LED. The green operation LED blinks during Modbus communication.

Addressing, choice of parity and baud rate is set with DIP switches. IOMB-02 should be de-energised at these settings.

The housing has 6 M16 and 2 M20 cable fittings.

Selectable default function: IOMB-02 has a selectable function for dealing with interruptions in the Modbus communication. This means that the three digital and three analogue outputs can be set individually should the Modbus communication be interrupted for a certain amount of time. The time for communication interruption before the default function kicks in can be set between 1 and 600 seconds. If set to 0 seconds then the function is deactivated (factory setting).

As an accessory, a Modbus-IP gateway is available for retrofit.

IOMB-02 is maintenance-free.


IOMB-02 is wall-mounted indoors. For more information please refer to the installation instructions supplied with the product.


  • Gathers sensor signals
  • Communicates with Modbus RTU
  • Universal
  • Microprocessor technology
  • Operation indicator
  • Adjustable setting for communication interference
  • Compatible with both Pt1000 and Ni1000LG
  • PWM output

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