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Analogue universal thermostat.

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Product information

Description CAT-230V

CAT is an analogue universal thermostat for all types of 1-step temperature control between -10 and +50°C, e.g. for underfloor heating and freeze protection.

CAT is powered by 230V AC and has one potential free changeover relay output with the capacity of up to 16A, 250V.

The thermostat can be used together with a Pt1000 or a NTC sensor (the same type as previous
Calectro thermostats), making it backwards compatible with parts of Calectro’s previous thermostat

The hysteresis (switching differential) is centred over the setpoint and is adjustable between 1 to 10°C. Example: Setpoint 20°C and hysteresis 1°C. The relay switches the heating on at 19.5°C and off at 20.5°C.

CAT has an energy saving feature that lowers the setpoint by 4°C by short circuiting terminals 9 and 12 using a timer.

CAT has two light emitting diode indicators. Steady green diode indicates normal mode. Flashing green diode indicates an interruption or short circuit in the temperature sensor circuit. Yellow diode indicates that the relay is activated, which happens when the temperature falls below the setpoint (minus half the hysteresis / switching differential).

In addition to the dial knob for temperature setting, the thermostat also has two potentiometers for
setting the hysteresis and fine adjusting the temperature scale. The potentiometer for setting the hysteresis is adjustable between 1 to 10°C. The potentiometer for the fine adjustment of the temperature scale is used to point the temperature scale arrow at the correct setting on the temperature scale. This is useful when long sensor cables are used. Long cables affect the sensor circuit resistance and give a wrong reading of the temperature. The recommended maximum length of a sensor cable is 100 metres.

CAT monitors the temperature sensor circuit and turns the heating function off at an interruption or short circuit. Note! This monitoring feature does not work when CAT is used to control cooling.


CAT is mounted on a DIN rail and is suited to Norm enclosures.


  • Selectable temperature sensors: Pt1000 and NTC
  • Backwards compatible with Calectro’s thermostats: ETE, ETN, ETI, ETV and others.
  • Adjustable temperature range -10 to +50°C
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Fine tuning of temperature scale
  • Potential free changeover relay: 16A
  • Galvanically isolated temperature sensor
  • Energy saving 4°C

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