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Electronic Thermonic thermostat with temperature range -15 to +150°C, 230V

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Product information

Description Termonic 16150

Termonic 16090 is an electronic thermostat with an external sensor, for on-off regulation. It is used to regulate e.g. refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, antifreeze monitoring and heating cable systems for indoor and outdoor use.

The thermostat’s relay contact changes when the temperature by the sensor drops below the set value. This is indicated by the LED on the front of the thermostat (Yellow = operating mode). When the temperature then reaches set value, the relay will switch back to standby mode.

The sensor is waterproof and casted in a brass sleeve (6 L25mm). The sensor cable is delivered as standard with a length of 3 meters. It can be extended to 50 m with an installation cable with a minimum of 2×1 mm². The thermostat must be preceded by a switch to disconnect all-pole.


16150 is mounted on the wall and has an enclosure with IP-54.


  • Three temperature ranges, selectable
  • 1 alternating potential-free relay
  • Adjustable hysteresis 1-10°C
  • Sensor error indication

Product information

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