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Optical smoke detector, intrinsically safe design for connection to ATEX control unit.

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Product information

Description EVC-PY-IS ATEX

The EVC-PY-IS ATEX detector is used in areas that require Ex-protected or intrinsically safe smoke detectors.

The smoke detector provides a quick and reliable warning. The detection chamber contains a light and photodiode. The light beam does not normally strike the photodiode, but once smoke enters the chamber labyrinth, the light emitting diode is reflected by the smoke causing it to strike the photodiode. The current through the photodiode changes and triggers an alarm.

The condition of the alarm is indicated optically by a red light indicator on the detector, and it remains in the alarm condition until it is manually reset in the distribution cabinet or control unit.

The design of the detector makes it almost completely immune to high air velocities, contamination and radio frequency interference.
The detector is fitted with a bayonet mount, making it easy to fit and remove.

Contamination of the smoke detector makes it more sensitive and will cause it to slowly move towards alarm mode. To avoid unnecessary alarms the detector should be cleaned at least once a year. Please refer to our operating and maintenance instructions.


  • ATEX-certified for hazardous areas
  • Eex class: Ga Ex ia IIC T4, Ta=50°C Ex 0359 II 1 G

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