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Optical smoke detector with Modbus communication in the base, 24V. Automatic sensitivity adjustment and service alarm.

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Product information

Description EVC-PY-DA-MB

Connect EVC-PY-DA-MB to a Modbus master that scans the Modbus registers in the smoke detector. Three status indications are possible to read out of the smoke detector: Smoke alarm, service alarm (contamination) and removed detector head. RS 485 termination (120 Ohm) is activated by a programming jumper on the PCB in the base. Modbus ID (address), parity and baud rate are set on the DIP switch. To reset a smoke alarm, break the power supply shortly. The detector is equipped with a bayonet mount, which makes it easy to fi t and remove.

EVC-PY-DA has an intelligent monitoring circuit that continuously checks and adjusts the sensitivity for optimum functionality during the entire life of the detector. When the detector can no longer compensate for environmental influences, a service alarm is generated.

The design of the detector makes it almost completely immune to high air speeds, contamination, and radio frequency interference.

For more information about the smoke detector head, please see the datasheet for EVC-PY-DA.


  • Modbus RTU communication
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment: fewer false alarms and longer lifespan
  • Optical detector (reflection principle)
  • Service alarm

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