Fire Doors/Evacuation


For fire door closing, evacuation alarms, fire dampers, smoke doors etc.

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Product information

Description KE-800

The KE-800 control unit is specially designed for controlling magnet-mounted doors.

The KE-800 has connections to handle 230V supply, smoke detectors, magnets as well as alarm functions, if any, via relay outputs. The front of the product has LED lights fitted for alarms, faults and operation as well as buttons for testing and reset. One or multiple smoke detectors can be connected to the KE-800 in one section.

An terminating resistor is connected in the last detector, 2.2 kohm.

As soon as smoke reaches one of the detectors, the alarm relay drops and the alarm light lights in the control unit. At the same time, the power to the magnets is cut and the fire doors close.


  • Fire door closing
  • Evacuation alarms
  • Fire dampers
  • Smoke doors

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