Pressure sensors


Differential air pressure sensor with regulator function, for ventilation installations, 24V. Illuminated display. Freely selectable ranges, from -100 to +9500 Pa. Adjustable K factor for volume flow calculation.

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Product information

Description CPS-D-A-9500

Pressure sensor CPS-D-A-9500 has an integrated differential pressure element that is temperature compensated for high accuracy and linearity. The pressure element and the output signal has high resolution which means that the pressure value is presented in increments of max 1 Pa over the entire measurement range (-100 till +9500 Pa).

Via a backlit display, the desired function is set; differential pressure sensor, volume / flow sensor or pressure regulator. The output signal (0-10V or 4-20 mA), K factor for volume flow calculation, measurement range/set point and required signal damping are also set via the display. Zero calibration of the pressure element is also carried out via the display. Basic display mode shows the current measured value (pressure or volume/flow), current output in volts or milliamps and set point at regulator function.

CPS-D-A-9500 is factory set for differential pressure measurement of range 0-5000 Pa, 0-10V output signal and signal damping 10 sec. Freely adjustable ranges from -100 Pa to +9500 Pa, in increments of 50 Pa.
Via the K factor settings, CPS-D-A-9500 can measure the volume/flow over, e.g., fans or orifice plates. The conversion formula from differential pressure to volume is: q = k x √Δp. K factor can be rounded up to two decimal places. The following units can also be set: m³/h, m³/s and l/s. The unit setting is only a “display label” and not a mathematical calculation of the value. The ranges can be freely adjusted from 0 to 32000, in increments of 100 up to 9500 and in increments of 500 over 9500.

Output signal damping (averaging) is adjustable at 3 levels: 3, 10 and 20 seconds.

For pressure regulation, select “Regulator” in the “Function” menu. The set point is adjustable from 0-9000 Pa. To avoid overthrow, adjust the regulation speed (1-10) in the “Reg.speed” submenu, where 10 is the fastest regulation speed. The regulator output is 0-10V DC. Adjust the minimum and maximum output (0-100%) in the “Out range” submenu.


  • Freely selectable ranges (-100 to +9500 Pa)
  • Regulator function, set point 0-9000 Pa
  • Alerts at pressure outside the set range
  • 14-bit resolution on pressure element
  • Illuminated display
  • The display shows the current output signal
  • Flow calculation via K factor
  • Test function: Up button gives 10V/20 mA output signal, down button gives 0V/4 mA output signal
  • High accuracy
  • Installation-friendly enclosure
  • Removable cable port and terminal block
  • 3 signal damping settings
  • Supplied with 2 m hose and 2 nipples