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Air pressure regulator 400V with built-in pressure sensor, Modbus RTU communication, clock function, alarm relay and digital inputs.

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Product information

Description CALAIR-PR-2F

The CALAIR-PR-2F pressure regulator measures differential pressure and controls ventilation fans via a 0-10V signal. Compensation of set point for outdoor temperatures requires connecting an outdoor temperature sensor to the regulator. Outdoor temperature values can also be written to the CALAIR-PR-2F via Modbus.

CALAIR-PR-2F has two digital inputs which can be used for eg. changed setpoint. Other optional preprogrammed alarm functions include fan motor monitoring and input from fire alarm central. For these alarm functions, you can also choose output signal and whether to reset automatically or manually.

CALAIR-PR-2F has an alarm relay with potential-free change-over contacts for different alarm indications, eg. high and low pressure alarms. The ten last alarms are recorded and saved in an alarm log.

CALAIR-PR-2F can be read and programed via Modbus RTU (RS485).

Adjustable regulator speed allows customizing to various pressure control applications such as roof fans or air handling units.

Settings and programming are performed via three push buttons which are available even when the cover is removed. All settings / programing done using the menu system are saved even after power outage.

The function of the regulator is guaranteed with hose up to 100 m. After installation, check that air flows through the hose.

CALAIR-PR-2F has a clock module for activating alternative setpoint. The clock module has battery backup to keep settings during power outage. Date, time and weekly schedule can be set. The shortest scheduling time is one hour.


The CALAIR-PR-2F is fitted with downward facing cable glands and hose connections. There are notches in the base of the CALAIR-PR-2F for 3 attachment screws, which can be used to mount the unit.

Refer to the installation instructions supplied with the product for more information.


  • 400V voltage supply
  • Clear OLED display
  • Simple programming
  • Modbus communication
  • Built-in pressure sensor
  • 2 digital inputs
  • Alarm relay – selectable settings
  • Alarm log
  • Control range: 0-2000 Pa
  • Adjustable control rate
  • Adjustment mode with selectable locked control signal
  • Supplied complete with 2 m hose and 2 hose nipples
  • Clock function with week schedule

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