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One-pipe air sampling system Uniguard Superflow for OEM. To be used with different types of smoke detectors.

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Product information

Description UG-7

Uniguard is developed to detect smoke in ventilation ducts and combines a smoke detector and an adaptor system where both venturi pipe and housing are specially designed for optimum airflow through the smoke detector.

The UG-7 duct smoke detector housing is designed to comply with the demands in the prEN 54-27 standard.

The system fulfills all the requirements for safe fire detection with airflow speeds from 0,5 m/s to 20 m/s.


  • Designed to comply with prEN 54-27
  • One-pipe air sampling system Uniguard Superflow
  • Patented venturi pipe and duct housing
  • Test hole on cover
  • Simple installation
  • Simple service and maintenance

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