Stand AloneUG-3-A4O

Duct smoke detectors


Optical duct smoke detector with automatic sensitivity adjustment, service alarm and built-in control unit, 24V.

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Product information

Description UG-3-A4O

Uniguard has been developed to detect smoke in ventilation ducts and consists of a smoke detector with relay outputs mounted in an adapter system where both tube and housing are specially designed for optimum airflow through the smoke detector.

The system fulfills all the requirements for good fire detection with airflow speeds from 0.2 m/s to 20 m/s.

A venturi pipe with auxiliary fan should be used to detect smoke in situations where ventilation is turned off and there is limited airflow in the duct.

Uniguard has a built-in control unit to control fire dampers and fans, or to activate acoustic and/or optical alarms etc.

The detector is equipped with a bayonet mount, which makes it easy to replace.

UG-3-A4O has an intelligent monitoring circuit that continuously checks and adjusts the sensitivity for optimum functionality during the entire life of the detector. When the detector can no longer compensate for environmental influences a service alarm is generated, which indicates that the detector needs replacement or cleaning.

Uniguard Superflow has 4 pre-assembled Klikseal-type IP67-approved cable entries with automatic load anchorage for cable diameters 4 – 11 mm.


The venturi tube is made of aluminium and can easily be shortened to suit the diameter of the duct. Hole Ø is 38 mm. For insulated/circular ducts with mounting bracket, Ø is 51 mm.

When installation is complete, the detector should be tested. The test can be carried out with test spray SOLO A5 (from Calectro), a short spray through the test hole in the cover. Refit the plastic plug after the test.

NB: When installing outdoors or in cold attics etc. the detector should be insulated from the surrounding air with e.g. our weatherproof housing UG-COVER. In such cases it should be marked with a sign “HIDDEN DETECTOR”.


  • Built-in control unit (Stand Alone), 24V
  • 2 alarm relays
  • 1 service alarm relay
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment: fewer false alarms and longer lifespan
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Flow indicator with high sensitivity
  • New venturi pipe shape gives max. venturi effect
  • Foolproof pipe mounting, cannot be fitted incorrectly
  • Complete with pre-assembled cable entries
  • Test hole in cover
  • Patented

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