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CO2 and temperature sensor for duct installation.

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Product information

Description UG3-A-SENSE

UG3-A-SENSE is designed to control ventilation by transmitting the measured carbon dioxide level and temperature to the system’s DUC (dataundercentral = data subcenter). According to the BBR 94 rules of The National Swedish Board of Housing, Building and Planning, the flow of outside air where people frequently spend time, should amount to at least 7 litres per second per person.

Assuming that the individuals in the room are adults doing sedentary work and that the outdoor concentration is 350 ppm, this flow corresponds to a carbon dioxide level of about 1040 ppm. According to The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) (SOSFS 1989:51) and The National Board of Occupational Safety and Health (Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen) (AFS 1993: 5) the carbon dioxide level can therefore be used as an indicator that the air flow, and therefore the air quality, is satisfactory. A carbon dioxide level below 1000 ppm should therefore be aimed at, according to both of these official bodies.

UG3-A-SENSE is a microprocessor-based temperature and carbon dioxide transmitter for room installation. UG3-A-SENSE senses the surrounding air, converts the result into analogue and digital signals, and sends them on to higher level systems.

Auto-calibration (ABC-function) is the key to maintenance-free operation. The precondition for this is a normal indoor environment, or applications in which there is some type of ventilation (at least a few times a week.)

UG3-A-SENSE is supplied for duct installation.


  • Infra-red technology (NDIR)
  • Auto self-diagnostics
  • Maintenance interval > 5 years
  • 2 analogue outputs
  • Modbus via RS485 optional
  • LonWorks optional

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