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CO2 and CO sensors for monitoring and controlling ventilation in garages etc. duct installation.

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Product information

Description UG-M-SENSE III

The M-SENSE III is intended for use in areas where combustion offers a potential danger from hazardous air, such as in vehicle garages, loading bays, tunnels and mines. It offers combined measurement of CO and CO2 which does not just guarantee general safety, it also saves energy if demand-controlled ventilation is implemented.

It is general knowledge that all engines produce CO, especially during a cold start, and that we need protection from this poisonous gas. A warm, modern engine with catalytic exhaust purification generates on average more than 140 times more CO2 than CO. In this situation, CO2 is the potential danger, so both gases must be measured to guarantee personal safety. M-SENSE III can be used to control both local alarms and to form a component in a wider system.

M-SENSE III is a controller with built-in gas sensors for carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Using these parameters, the programmable unit can control the air change rate etc. and generate alarms for personal safety.


Refer to the instructions supplied with the product or download them from our website.


  • Infra-red technology (NDIR) for CO2 and MMOS for CO
  • Flexible control outputs for DUC or direct control of dampers and speed-controlled fans.
  • Internal data logger for environmental trend logging
  • Reduced energy costs with demand-controlled ventilation
  • Typical maintenance interval > 5 years
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