ABAV-S3 230V
ABAV-S3 230V

Control units

ABAV-S3 230V

For for smoke detectors with or without service alarm 230V.

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Product information

Description ABAV-S3 230V

The control unit is designed to fulfil the demands made to provide reliable fire protection when used together with our smoke detectors. Equipped with relay contacts for controlling dampers and fans. In addition to smoke alarms, ABAV-S3 is equipped with a service alarm relay and a failure alarm relay.

With a smoke alarm, a red LED is lit and at the same time the alarm relay drops. When a smoke detector indicates service alarm the yellow service alarm LED flashes quickly for one minute. After that, the service alarm relay is energised and the LED shows a continuous yellow light. If the smoke detector service alarm is remedied, the service alarm relay is de-energised and the yellow LED flashes slowly: alarm memory.

Short circuit or open circuit will energise the failure relay and the alarm relays and at the same time the respective LED is lit (for open circuit there is a 10 second delay). If the short circuit or open circuit are remedied, the relays is de-energised and the LED flashes slowly: alarm memory. Testing the relays: Press the reset button for 5 seconds.


  • Supply voltage 230V
  • Indications and relays for:
  • Smoke alarm
  • Service alarm
  • Failure alarm: short circuit/open circuit
  • DIN-mounting

Documentation, software and images

ABAV-S3 230V

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