Solista Maxi LED beacon with selectable brightness and flash frequency, 9-60Vdc. White with green flash and white lens.

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Product information

Description SOLMAXI-GF-CL-W-S

Solista Maxi is a beacon with a LED light source that has very low power consumption and can be powered from 9-60V DC. Solista Maxi has a DIP switch for setting the functions: low, medium and high intensity (0.5, 1 and 3 Cd) which corresponds to the different power consumptions (3, 5 and 15 mA). You can also set a single or double flash as well as fixed light using the DIP switch.

The base SOCK-H- (colour*) – 230V is a 110-240V AC voltage converter for 24V DC supply of Solista Maxi.

Normal applications include gas, fire and intruder alarms, and industrial applications.

Solista Maxi LED flash light is available with the following flash colours:
SOLMAXI-AF-CL-W-S Orange flash
SOLMAXI-BF-CL-W-S Blue flash
SOLMAXI-GF-CL-W-S Green flash
SOLMAXI-WF-CL-W-S White flash


  • LED light source
  • Low power consumption
  • Supply voltage: 9-60V DC
  • Automatic synchronisation
  • 3 selectable brightnesses
  • Single or double flash and fixed light

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