Analog Multiplexers


The output signal is controlled by the highest input signal. Up to 4 input signals.

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Product information

Description AMUX-4-24V

AMUX is a multiplexer for up to four 0-10V signals. It has four
0-10V inputs and one 0-10V output. The output signal will be
the same as the highest input signal.

There is also an adjustable MIN and MAX setting for the output signal. MIN is adjustable in the range 0-4V and MAX is adjustable in the range 6-10V.

AMUX has five light emitting diode indications. A green one to indicate operation and four multicolour LEDs for the inputs. Only the LED for the highest input signal is illuminated. If the highest input signal is between the MIN and MAX settings, the
LED shows green. If the highest input signal is above the MAX setting, the LED shows red; and if the highest input signal is below the MIN setting, the LED shows blue.


AMUX is mounted on a DIN rail and is adapted to Norm enclosures.


  • Multiplexer for up to four 0-10V signals
  • Adjustable MIN and MAX output signal
  • 24V AC/DC supply voltage
  • Multicolour light emitting diodes for signal indication

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