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Product Range

Documents for download

Company Presentation Product Range brochure

In our company presentation you get the opportunity to get acquainted with our various product areas and parts of our product range of HVAC sensor, regulators and alarms.

Handbook for Smoke Detection in Ventilation Systems

Calectro AB has a broad range of products for a large number of control and regulation functions in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

We consider one of our most important fields to be our capacity to deliver reliable smoke detection components for ventilation systems.

Rapid and reliable detection is an essential factor for simplifying evacuation and saving lives and property to the greatest extent possible.

Calectro AB would therefore like to use this handbook to point out problem areas related to smoke detection in ventilation systems and help expand knowledge in order to develop systems better suited to their intended usage.

Presentation of duct smoke detectors

Here you find a Power Point presentation for our duct smoke detector, Uniguard Superflow.

Welcome to download it for training documentation and/or sales presentation.

REACH documents

You can download REACH documents for our products below.

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Calectro develops and sells sensors and components for the HVAC industry, air handling units and CO2 and fire safety/security. Smoke detectors e.g. Uniguard Superflow UG-3 for duct ventilation systems, Pressure sensors, Occupancy sensors, Thermostats, CO2 sensors, CO2 safety systems, Flow sensors, Sirens and Beacons are some of Calectro’s products.
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