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Product Range

Welcome to Calectro

We are a customer-oriented company offering many possibilities through a wide range of products interwoven with extensive experience in specially-designed products based on the client's specific requirements.


Calectro was founded in Gothenburg in 1969 by a young technician called Karl Johan Pettersen. The company was started as an general agent for suppliers in Switzerland and Denmark. On offer were, inter alia, electronic thermostats, level controllers, time relays and so forth. The main idea was to find customers with specific requirements and to develop these in close proximity with the customer. This led very quickly to the company developing the first approved electronic overflow protection devices in Sweden. Close collaboration with a number of automation and control companies resulted in the development of an entirely new electronically controlled freezer guard.

During the 70's and 80's the company expanded significantly and during the latter part of the 80's Calectro's offering broadened to include its own development and production, with amongst other items a single-pipe smoke detector for the UG-1 ventilation system, which became an overnight success. Since then Calectro has offered its customers specially-designed and developed products as well as quality products from accredited suppliers.

Now, 50 years after it started, Calectro has grown to be a fully-fledged technology and distribution company with distributors in several countries and with a strong Swedish customer base. The product that we're possibly best known for is our red Uniguard® single-pipe smoke detector, which is today used by many actors within the automation and control industry in Sweden and Europe.

Calectro's products

We are a customer-oriented company offering many possibilities through a wide range of products. We market both off-the-shelf units and offer OEM solutions in order to always be able to deliver what you the customer demands of us.

Large standard range

Our goal is to offer such a wide product range that our customers will always be able to find exactly what they need, at the right price, from our range. - You, the customer, is what we focus on. We'll listen and help you to find products that fit in with exactly what you need. 

Developing products

Over the years Calectro has designed and produced a large number of products for both the customer's needs and for its own sales. We can help you with special design needs of an existing product or the development of a new one from the drawing board.

Customer relations

Since the very beginning we have strived to create a close, committed relationship with our customers. At many junctures ideas and thoughts from our customers have driven the development of our products, for example, through incorporating new functionality and systems. If the equired product isn't on the market, we can develop it together.

Contact our sales departement

Calectro sales representative will be happy to come and visit your company. We provide information about our products and see how we can help you to find the right products for your projects and needs.

Export manager

Henric Fahlén

Phone: +46 31-69 53 09

Export assistent

Karin Samuelsson

Phone: +46 31-69 53 13

Calectro AB · Phone: +46 31 695300 · Telefax: +46 31 293291
Calectro develops and sells sensors and components for the HVAC industry, air handling units and CO2 and fire safety/security. Smoke detectors e.g. Uniguard Superflow UG-3 for duct ventilation systems, Pressure sensors, Occupancy sensors, Thermostats, CO2 sensors, CO2 safety systems, Flow sensors, Sirens and Beacons are some of Calectro’s products.
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