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Air pressure regulation

Air circulation is an important component of a pleasant indoor climate. Throughflow through the premises must be checked and adjusted constantly. The CALAIR-PR is an all-in-one solution that is used together with a roof fan to both measure and control the air volume. The CALAIR-PR is extremely easy to install and adjustment is performed quickly via the clear OLED display.

How does the application work?

The system is based on a CALAIR-PR pressure regulator  with an integrated pressure sensor, which is connected directly to a roof fan . The pressure regulator’s pressure sensor measures the pressure in the ventilation duct constantly, and adjusts the fan’s output depending on the needs in the premises (e.g. using an extractor fan). When an outdoor temperature sensor is connected, the pressure regulator can compensate the set point depending on the current outdoor temperature. If required, the system can be monitored and controlled via Modbus communication.

Why choose Calectro’s CALAIR-PR?

Compact design (pressure sensor and regulator in one unit)

The CALAIR-PR has been developed for the simplest possible installation, although with full functionality an installer may be needed in more demanding situations.
The unit has an integrated pressure sensor and an input for temperature measurement via an external temperature sensor. Adjustment and settings can be implemented quickly via the clear, backlit display.

Clear, easy-to-navigate display

The OLED display provides unsurpassed legibility. All settings can be defined via a user-friendly menu system with push buttons.
The menu system language is selectable between English, Swedish and German.

Adjustable control speed

The CALAIR-PR has predefined control speed curves, which facilitate adaptation to different fan properties.

Lots of extra possibilities, but still easy to handle

For the advanced installer, the CALAIR-PR offers a host of extra properties that may be needed in more advanced situations, including:

• 2 digital inputs
• Alarm input, e.g. for motor protection
• Commissioning mode
• Alarm log
• External temperature sensor
• Clock module


Modbus is a communication interface that allows for central monitoring and control of all devices connected in a network.
The CALAIR-PR has Modbus communication via RS485 as standard.

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Air pressure regulator with Modbus, alarm relay and digital inputs. 230V voltage supply.

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